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How tO Improve your Aim in Apex Legends

There is no magical formula that will help you improve your aim overnight. Simple as that.

If you cannot hit your shots, then you will get dropped and soon even your teammates won’t be able to carry you. It goes beyond just trying to track your target and emptying a full magazine. The live opponents can do all sorts of crazy movement techniques, making it very hard to hit.

As with any game, however, there are options and advanced techniques to use that will even the playing field. It requires a lot of patience and like anything worth doing, a lot of practice. If you decide to utilize these proposed techniques, there is a very high chance that you will get better. Not just at hitting your targets but becoming an overall more rounded player.

To be fair, all of these techniques focus on MK. For controllers, we will provide a separate article where we discuss the different options available for the aim-assist crowd 🙂

Let’s see them in action, shall we?

Improve your shots with Aim-Smoothening

This technique was revealed by a pro player and streamer, iTizTimmy on his Stream and YouTube Channel. It is an entry-level aiming trick that will let you hit your target 90% of the time.

How it works is you basically hold down the mouse when aiming and you pull your cursor down. That’s it. There is of course a little bit more nuance than just sprinting up and down with your mouse.

The key is holding your mouse in a straight line when shooting – no shaking, no left or right. Just a downright motion that shouldn’t be fast. Just slightly going downwards.

Thanks to the game’s mechanics and the engine that powers it (which hails back from Half-Life 2), this causes almost zero recoil. You can empty a magazine quickly and all your shots would’ve hit, no problem.

Now, onto the elephant in the room – no one sits still and gets obliterated by a player just moving his mouse downward. That is why it is imperative to practice aim-smoothening in the Firing Range, WHILE moving. This is done by going left, right + crouching/jump, and repeating the process. It will take some time… like at least several sessions to get it down. This is only for the Firing Range mind. In-game, things are much more frantic… still, if you manage to get it down in the Firing Range, translation will be almost instantaneous.

The trick is to practice your hand motion so it automatically executes the downright trajectory. Give it a try and see how it goes.

Utilzing AIM-Jittering for faster kills

Another great technique that you can use is called Jitter-Aiming. First popularized by famous Apex streamer and player, aceu, it takes a bit more finesse and practice to get efficient.

How it works is you basically reduce/negate the recoil of your gun by “jittering” (moving your mouse in very quick, very short bursts). As you hold down sights or just shoot from the hip, you start “twitching” or “jittering” at your target. It helps if you are moving as well since this will also reduce recoil.

Aim-jittering isn’t the easiest of techniques – your hand needs time to adjust. First, it’s just weird. Then, plain wrong… but give it time.

Naturally, it is going to take a lot of practice. We are all used to trying to stabilize or at least go against the movement of the gun to reduce recoil. This goes pretty much AGAINST what we know when it comes to aiming (in all FPS games, not just Apex).

However, if you keep persisting and try to incorporate it when firing, it will make a significant difference. The key, again, is practice. Tons and tons of practice at the firing range. Pick up your favorite gun, load up and ammo and start shooting. You will notice after several hours that the targets start to die out faster.

If you have a buddy to practice with, this will get embedded in your brain even faster.

AIM-TRAINERS to help you get better at tracking and shooting targets

Another well know the way to improve your aim is to utilize Aim-Trainers. There are some well-known trainers such as KovaaK’s (paid) or the FlowState mod, which is specific for Apex Legends (free).

Aim Trainers are great not just for the sake of hitting your target. You get to practice movement, tracking, and advanced shooting mechanics like “flicking”.

The issue with KovaaK’s is that, while it has Apex in mind, it’s broader in its approach. Also, it is a paid feature.

The free versions are better since they are Apex-specific, however, you need to tinker around with your game files. The author claims there cannot be bans for using the mod though these can always shift and change on the fly. We recommend caution.

When all is said and done, you ain’t getting better at Apex if you keep farming Pubs. Aim training is about learning your legend, your guns, and how to approach each situation.

The best way to improve is to play with someone who knows the game from every angle. Training your aim is just one drop in the bucket – an important drop, but still. If you are serious about getting better, try our coaching sessions at Blazing. We have relaxed and hard-core coaching, with emphasis on aiming and how to hit and track your targets. Find everything you need here:

We strongly suggest you try and tell us the results!

Blazing Boost is a website founded in 2012 by a group of high-ranked players in World of Warcraft. With so many years of experience, we perfectly understand the needs of a busy gamer: have a quick, reliable, and high-quality service at the best possible price.
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