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Queue in the “it’s happening” meme – after 4 long years, the year 4 Apex Anniversary Collection Event will gift players something truly unique. It seems Respawn has finally taken seriously all those players who moaned loudest on Twitter about the state of the game:

  • The game’s content is stale – fine, here’s a brand new TDM, 3 rotating LTM and 3 new Collection Events!
  • The legend meta is crap! Nothing was done in S15 – OK then, here are hard buffs for pretty much every fan-favorite legend out there + a complete rework of how legends act in the game.
  • The wall-hacks meta is running the game – all righty, we’re gonna nerf Seer and Bloodhound.
  • Having just 1 map for each split is BORING! – true dat, here’s a 24h refresh on new maps for both ranked and pubs.
  • Ranked sucks for high-level play – um, we got nothing. xD

Heirloom boom

If you log in for the 4th Anniversary Event, you will get the usual reskin bonanza. There are some new skins as well but nothing too fancy. Then… the freaking MIC DROP – HEIRLOOM, SHARDS, FOR, FREE!

Are you one of those countless people who have played for years, never getting an heirloom pack? Well by completing the challenges set for the event, at the end you’ll be able to get your very own Heirloom. Maybe you are one of those people who’d get a Prestige armor – who knows.

At any rate, this is an amazing opportunity that shouldn’t be squandered. Many, many people will be returning for S16, and with good reason. Respawn seems hellbent on changing Apex for the better and it shows. The only thing we’re worried about is the servers.

With so many people returning, we may get the dreaded errors and choppy playtime. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly. S16 launches with the new Valentine’s mode for Duos so it will be a good warm up for the things to come.

Will you be logging in for the Apex Anniversary Collection Event to claim your Heirloom Shards? How many Heirloom do you own? Tell us in the comments!



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