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Apex Legends ALGS Pro League – ALL THE WINNERS FOR SPLIT 1 (2022-2023)

Last night, the majority of Apex Legends’ ALGS PRO League teams across the world battled it out for the next stage closer to the LAN finals. There was stiff competition, some surprises, and some underwhelming performances from great teams… Overall, a VERY exciting time to be an Apex Legends competitive fan.

We are going to be listing the winners of all major categories and a couple of highlights that truly made the difference.

North America winners

The best team in Apex Legends is back on the throne. TSM won the Pro League Split 1 with a cool 127 points total. The last day they managed to squize in just enough to be declared winners before XSET, GUARD and ESA, consequently.

The list also includes LG, NRG, 100T, HEC, SSG with DZ being the final entry that qualified for the Playoffs.

The biggest surprise is of course, Furia that disappointed in their overall standings. The same can be said for OG, Sentinels and CLG. Tripods by the popular Nickmerks didn’t manage to hold the surprise long enough to be considered for Playoffs.


On the Old Continent, we had Aurora gaming sweeping the win and qualifying directly for the play off. They are followed by Acent, Vexed Gaming and Fire Beavers .

The rest of the EMEA roster that will play in 2023’s playoffs include Alliance, Invictus Gaming, Puoneers, Element 6, VZN and GameWard.

Last year’s EU Champs SCARZ ended up on the 28th place – not really a surprise considering both rpr and Mande have stopped playing competitively for the org.


On the “right in the down under” we have Chicken Sandwich as the overall winners. The fight for first place was incredibly tough and it was literally down to the last game to secure the standings. Just look at this table:

One game, just one game meant it was anyone’s win

The most pleasant surprise was of course the incredible journey of newcomers MoistGaming. Their incredible performance made the series and it truly showed the team spirit and drive to win are more than enough to tangle with the best.


In the North, Fnatic holds the overall first place, followed by NORTHEPTION, Crazy Racoon, ENTER FORCE.36 and PUVLEREX.

There weren’t many surprises here, with GHS Professional rounding up the 10 teams that will go directly into playoffs next year.


Last but not least, we finish with the winners of the South America ALGS Pro League – the Team Singularity. With 151 points, they were already well ahead of the competition.

Where it was most interesting was the fight for the top 4. The 4 teams that followed Singularity were NCE, K1CK, GFR and LNW – all within a hair’s breath between them

Who’s excited and ready for LAN next year? The rivalry between the existing teams is getting out of hand and hype is bigger than ever. We cannot wait for the ALGS Championship!


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