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World of Tanks in 2023 – a salvo of content coming our way!

World of Tanks in 2023 looks mighty impressive if the trailer released a couple of days ago is anything too judgy by. The overwhelmingly positive reception for the upcoming changes is keeping invested players on their toes so let’s have a closer look at the most significant ones.

New Maps and Map optimization

Frontline is getting a new desert map. It features a huge oil refinery, caves, and an old fortress. There’s also a lot of fo water that seems to pleasantly round up the new terrain. Looks really inviting.

Oyster Bay is another new map that is going to be released in 2023. If you recall, it is the winner of the third stage of the Recon Missions (from 2021). There’s a video showcasing the map already:

Let’s not forget the promised updates and balance fixes to the existing roster which include the following maps: Airfield, Studzianki, Steppes, Mountain Pass, Cliff, Live Oaks, Mines, and Westfield.

Achievement system

Another glimpse into the future of further customization and bragging rights is the Achievement system. While little is known about how it will actually work, we’re thinking of a sort of Prestige leveling-up that unlocks during gameplay.

There are, of course, 100 badges that you can unlock based on your performance. These will vary from vehicle to vehicle and you can use them to highlight yourself when playing in a team match. Additionally, it seems that you will be able to unlock unique customization options and awards as you progress further.

Crew 2.5

This is a feature that’s been demanded by the WoT community for years now and it seems that the pleas have been heard. The changes that are being made will address both the active and the old crew members (that sit in the barracks).

“Dude, I told you we should’ve entered the tank AFTER they lowered the turret, like’ c’mon!”

For the active crew you can now train each member, with no penalties applied. Also, all the perks that are available work from the get-go. Additionally, the training of crew members is 100% by default – no more half-assed teams riding your tank!

In the short preview, we can spy on new and improved skills and perks – some are carried over but there are new and exciting ones as well!

Final Moment Camera

Another requested feature which is a staple to most team-based games is coming to WoT. This new camera will focus on the tank that delivered the kill shot, along with ammunition type and caliber. You will also know what type of tank destroyed your tank, at what rank, and what’s the relative armor.

New and Updated Vehicles

A new branch for the Japanese tree of vehicles is leading the new additions for the vehicles in WoT 2023. The new variants are for the X – Type 71 and X Ho-Ri T.II – a new heavy tank and new tank destroyer branch respectively.

Season’s greetings, one shell at a time!

These are rumored to appear during the updates made in the summer of 2023. There’s a Czech brand teaser as well but nothing is known about this tank (only that it will have a high-tier autocannon).


This one’s really a no-brainer for many players but it took so long. WoT is sure to be even more interesting now at night, with maps nearly unrecognizable.

Most of the players are already hyped beyond belief to play these new maps and hopefully, the dynamic objects update will make things even more immersive.

Let’s say we’re hyped beyond belief for WoT in 2023. There hasn’t been this much quality content being brought up in quite a while really. Still, that doesn’t mean WoT is easy to get into. If you are new to the World of Tanks and are lost at what all of this means, fear not. You can check our coaching section and we can take you step by step, into the fray.

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