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World of Tanks – the Holiday Ops 2023 event

World of Tanks is celebrating the holidays with yet another Holiday Ops (2023). Wargaming, the company responsible for the MMO has been known to create a tad of complicated challenges and events. This year, it seems they kicked it up a notch in every department – complexity included.

Briefly, it is what you would expect from a collection event. Lots of new resources to gather, missions to do, and things to spend your hard-earned cash on.

Last year Arnold the Terminator himself promoted the event and this year he’s back, alongside Mila Jovovich:

An overly complicated Approach

The event summary on the official World of Tanks page is close to 10 pages. The video itself is 8 minutes of explanation for all the features. It is… complicated. Like, a lot. Oh and we’re not the only ones noticing this – pretty much everyone in the comments or the online communities thinks this is just too much. There’s absolutely no need to add so many variables, resources, and things for an event.

To simplify things a lot, the event is all about decoration, earning unique resources that you can spend on said decorations.

Thematically, these resources are under these 4 settings:

  • Lunar – Warm Amber
  • New year – Rock Crystal
  • Christmas – Pure Emerald
  • Magic – Meteoric Iron

To spend this resources on decorations, you need to first level up and unlock slots (either the Christmas tree or some other doodad in your village). The decorations can be small or Large, which of course cost more (available from Level 5).

The issue most players have is that the grind doesn’t stop there. There are specific Tiers that need to be unlocked as well to progress further.

These tiers are tied to the visiting Santas – Arnold, and Mila. They bring cosmetic items you can purchase but also missions to do. These missions will help you gather more resources to help you progress through the event.

We don’t think a tank will fit in there.

You can also collect resources by doing daily missions, visiting friends’ Villages, looting from Large Boxes, or from your new pet dog named Chaffee. There’s more still…

You can level up your Festive Atmosphere which introduces new rewards for your crew, tanks, and some cosmetics.

If you have missed out on cosmetics from previous events, you can get them at the Holiday Ops shop. These can only be purchased with the new resources.

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Additional items from Large boxes

The latest update to the event comes from the new and improved Large Boxes (which are the game’s loot box equivalent).

The previously mentioned Box Types can only be bought with the adjacent resource. So, you will need Warm Amber to buy the Lunar Large Box for example.

What is in these large boxes? Well, you are certain to get gold and resources. There’s a small chance dedicated to getting:

  • up to 7 days of WoT Premium Account playtime
  • premium tanks (either Tier VIII or IX)
  • premium vehicle (Tier II-V)
  • a new pet, the Redshire cat (which also provides new missions that grant more resources).

Now, this may seem like a lot already, but there’s still more.

If you decide to go on a Large Box buying spree, you have an increased chance to get a guaranteed vehicle from the premium section. If you already have the tank, it will automatically refund you in gold and resources.

Stylish and deadly – the new VIII M47 Iron Arnie

Finally, about the new tanks. There’s actually a nice addition of 5 brand-new tanks, including the:

  • Z-176: A Chinese Tier VIII heavy tank
  • Char Me. 75: A French Tier IX light tank
  • A25 Harry Hopkins I: A Tier IV British light tank
  • Pz.Kpfw. KW I (r): A Tier V German heavy tank
  • SU-2-122: A Tier V Soviet tank destroyer

Thanks for slogging it with us in WoT’s truly loaded Holiday ops. Here’s to another year of explosions, tanks, and lots and lots of rewards!

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