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Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov players have had it rough these past couple of years, with cheaters being rampant and a new anti-cheat system being promised by the devs. Within a game with such “finicky” and clunky gameplay prone to so many technical issues, non-registering hits, weird spawns and absurd kills – in comes Tray24k:

For the uninitiated, Trey24k is a popular Tarkov streamer, who has taken to himself to create a new support system for the game. It’s a community-driven effort, with the official blessing from DBG (Developer Battlestar Games). If you check the video above, you will get a glimpse into what the system is suppose to do.

In short, the idea is that players within the game will submit clips of alleged cheaters to the support Discord. There, a team of vetted Tarkov players, will check the clips and sift through what is sus and what is legit. Then, they will manually send the sus players directly to DBG to issue bans.

THE RENGAWR situation

Now, if you are not following the Tarkov streamer scene, the name Rengawr wouldn’t ring any bells. He’s a mid-tier streamer who’s gained big notoriety for things that will be tied to the new community anti-cheat system. Apparently, the streamers met a “cheater” who killed him in the game. He reported him to the devs, thinking the player used prohibited software to kill him.

The issue was, after the player got banned, he raised community suspicion on Reddit for his ban. The dev Nikita intervened, stating that it wasn’t the player’s fault. Rather, someone from his own group killed him.

Now, what on Earth does this have to do with this new anti-cheat? Well, if you can add 2 and 2, you will see how damaging this newfound power influencers will have with the new system. Imagine having an army of potential trolls, posting clips, and damning someone of cheating. Not only that, but these “vetted” pros will warrant ungodly power, in a game where a server stutters or whiffing shots feel like you’re getting killed by a hacker.

The elephant in the room

Arguably the biggest issue with the new system is technical. Not everyone streams, let alone takes clips when they die. The game itself already does this on the backend, as demonstrated by Nikita’s POV of the Rangawr situation. So, to expect players to either install software for streaming/video capture in the hopes of catching a cheater is one hell of a stretch.

Look at this. It’s ridiculous. Like the Scavs one-shotting you with zero chance to react wasn’t enough.

Additionally, the game needs more improvements in several sectors such as stability, security, and of course, server optimization to remove accusations in most situations.

To make matters worse, cheaters are still thriving in Tarkov. There are more and more players out there getting killed in raids by a sniper from across the map. Yet these players remain at large and this new system, while good meaning, won’t do a thing to address them.

Here’s hoping the developers take a closer look into this huge issue that is making Tarkov unplayable at most times.

Where do you stand on the new anti-cheat in Tarkov? Do you think it will improve things or create an even bigger cluster cluck?

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