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Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov received a new wipe and update to the existing gameplay with patch 0.13. Everyone’s favorite “scav 1shot simulator” has received several new additions that are sure to spicy things up for new players and veterans alike.

The biggest update comes in the form of a brand new map, appropriately named “Streets of Tarkov.” It is a large area of the urban city of Tarkov. It contains:

It would be rather lovely if it wasn’t for all the looters, shooters, and sniping scavs.
  • An intersection and several streets (duh),
  • An abandoned factory (who would’ve expected really).
  • Concordia residential complex (sounds inviting),
  • Pinewood Hotel,
  • an agency building,
  • Terracot Business Center,
  • a cinema (wooo!),
  • Sparzha supermarket
  • New unnamed places and hidden alleys where you can get sniped without knowing.

For now, the areas may look deserted and boss free – but that’s about to change down the line. The Devs are planning at least 3 different bosses of varying difficulty, that are sure to roam during a raid.

Next, let’s see what are the others TSG included in this Escape from Tarkov update:

  • New guns and attachments: new submachine gun (SR-2M), a Glock 19X (with 19, 24, and 31 rounds in the magazine), Steyr AUG a1 (a fan favorite), and several others,
  • New stimulants: Perfotoran (cleanses most toxins), Trimadol (you get a boost to combat characteristics), Obdolbos 2 (an upgrade to the first), and the PNB (reduces damage taken), etc.
  • Offline co-op: excellent news for content creators and people who want to host tournaments. You can disable a lot of features like the number of bots and bot skills, water and energy consumption, and other stuff that will allow you to just focus on shooting each other.
  • Repair kits and enhancements: super new additions that are very useful for both new and veteran players. You can improve weapons and armor, but you require Level 10 in wpn maintenance and light/heavy armor.
  • New skills: the light/heavy armor penalties for mobility got removed and your Charisma now has added benefits for bartering.
  • Improved sound (?): apparently BSG sought to replace Steam Audio with Oculus Audio. So far, Reddit and most players don’t agree there’s actually a difference.
  • General fixes and improvements: it is a long list but if you’re a hardcore player, you may want to check it out.

The Light House quest and boss have received some cryptic hints but so far, they’re far from being available.


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