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After the “lukewarm” acceptance of the Lightfall campaign, Bungie needs to deliver with the new raid, Root of Nightmares. The expectations are high and play-testers and Bungie themselves are hyping it up to be the toughest raid yet. There’s palpable tension in the air as players from all over the globe are preparing for World First.

As a reminder, Bungie has extended the initial raid for world first from 24 to 48h. We will try to cover some more info before the raid hits on March 10th. You can also check out the new trailer Bungie released, which has many streamers screaming in anticipation:

1. The story CONTINUES

Not the best story by far, Lightfall at least hinted at some interesting developments for the future of the franchise. What will the Witness do next? What does the final shape signify? We’re to find out some things, for sure. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished the Lightfall campaign!

So, Calus bit the dust and now we’re entering that Pyramid spaceship the Traveler shot during the cinematic. This is actually the place where the final boss, Nezarec is situated. He’s consumed a ton of Darkness and has become a vessel for something. There are going to be some shenanigans connected with him and the Witness and of course, the continuation of the story in the future.

We can only conclude that the final boss looks really rad. That model is both terrifying and just awesome looking.

2. Raid objectives & CO.

There’s a lot of speculation on how the raid’s going to go but, in essence, it should follow a pattern:

  • The intro where we are faced with a jumping puzzle which will teach us a new mechanic, specific for the raid (probably involving Strand) – (first encounter)
  • Find Nezarec quest – this is the final boss though there’s a caretaker that we will need to take care of first. He’s doing stuff around the pyramid so we will have to find him, and stop whatever it is he’s doing (or maybe help him – it isn’t clear yet).
  • Defeat the Expigator – which is the first boss and the above-mentioned caretaker – (second encounter – first boss of the raid)
  • Then we’re off to yet another umping puzzle, which is going to be much harder than the first one – (third encounter)
  • Finally, we arrive at the main encounter which is going to be the final boss in several phases.

There’s a slew of leaked info on how the raid will play out of course, but it involves the Expigator, doing some sort of maintenance which involves Nezarac.

3. Loot and secret chests

We’ve now got more info on the loot which is all great news. Firstly, we have confirmed 2 secret chests (we already knew this but it’s good to repeat it, just the same :)) The more detailed and new information is as follows:

  • A new exotic is a kinetic shotgun called “Conditional Fatality”
  • On the left,t it has solar ammo / on the right – stasis bullets
  • Explode or freeze, depending on which side you are facing the enemy
  • The Exotic will come with a Catalyst (which was in the leaks, but nothing is confirmed)
  • Lots of weapons to choose from (similar to King’s Fall)

There’s still a lot of speculation and unconfirmed info on armor, perks, and mods but it should become steadily available as the raid rolls out.

What are your expectations of the Lightfall Root of Nightmares raid? Are you ready to meet its challenges? If not, we have a great deal for you – head on over to Blazing and check our Day 1 raid offers for Sherpa. Good times are guaranteed!



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