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How to Play Octane in Apex Legends

Apex is a game of speed as much as skill and in that light, learning how to play Octane should come as second nature. Arguably the most sought-after legend with a pick rate of 11%, Octavio Silva aka Octane is a fan favorite. This is due to two reasons:

  • His insane personality and fun attitude in a bloody sport where Legends fight and die for fame,
  • His amazing movement speed and gameplay where you stim into a fight, die early, and cry to be revived.

We kid of course. Octane mains, when they are good, can turn the tide of any battle. A good movement Octane is hard to track, let alone kill. Ever since S1, Octane has seen numerous buffs and nerfs, but still remains a top pic for Pub stompers.

In our short guide, we will lay out some fundamentals when playing this Legend. It is important to understand that while Octane may look like a very easy legend to get into, mastering his abilities means restraint. We will elaborate on this further down this text. Let’s go, let’s go LET’S GO! RAPIDAMENTE!

Crawl before you can walk – OCtane basics

Octane is an assault legend. The dude blew up his two legs so he can be fit with augumentics that can make him run faster.

Never take drugs kids. Natty is da wey!

He’s an adrenaline junkie and a real stim junkie:

  • His Q or tactical is the Stim. It gives Octavio a 30% increased speed for 6 seconds.
  • His passive is called Swift Mend – his health regenerates on his own.
  • His Ultimate is the Jump Pad – throw yourself and your teammates into a fight or jump away to safety.

You have all seen how most Octanes fight in Pubs by now. The joke is – an Octane is always the first into a fight and the first to get downed. This is because the majority of players think stiming and running into a 3 stack is the way to go. This, is, of course, WRONG!

It may go against everything Octane stands for but to master this Legend, you must practice restraint. Oh, you downed one enemy so it’s best to rush in and kill off the rest? No. Wait for your teammates to catch up and then 3v2 the rest. Your Stim is your most powerful ally in a fight. You should learn to know when to use it and NOT abuse it. Think of the many times you got downed just because you were low on health and were running from that 2v1…

Advanced tactics with Octane – offensive

Octane excels in the way he can chase stragglers or engage enemies from a vantage point. As the point man, an Octane should always look for a flank while your squad engages an enemy team head-on. Thanks to your Stim, you can move around the battlefield super fast and shoot your enemies from the back. You should also practice movement coupled with your Stim. Knowing how to wall-jump while stimmed or do a fancy 360 turnaround means you will be insanely hard to hit.

Speaking of flanking, the Jump Pad is the ultimate 3rd party move. While nerfed and now sounding louder than an airplane on takeoff, it still provides ample advantage. Couple that with Revenant’s Death Totem and you can gank squads all day long.

With an Octane in your team, you should always play aggressively. The goal is to be the first one to engage and deal a massive amount of damage to an enemy that’s out of position. The Octane can maneuver either behind or from a flanking position, making it easier to pick off stragglers.

Another thing to note is his recon specialty – never underestimate a good Octane who can run back and forth. It may seem silly but knowing what is happening without the use of a scan is very important. Octane brings in his trusty jump pad which can save your team in a tight situation.

advanced tips and tricks with octane

We already covered offense and movement so let’s talk positioning. The jumped is ideal when you want to cover ground but also when you want to re-take or contest a team for the high ground. Ideally, you want to steam and then jump but do so TOGETHER with your team. If you jump alone, you can get easily sniped. But, if all 3 of you are in the air, you minimize the chances of getting down.

Try to get the Gold shield since you will benefit from the increased healing factor. You will also recover your shields even quicker so if you’re fighting a longer battle (in the last circles), stacking smaller meds you can outheal your opponents.

You should also utilize your jump pad cleverly. We already mentioned getting to high ground but you can also traverse between pitfalls. Surprising teams isn’t as easy since the jumping distance has been nerfed. However, if you put the jump pad on the higher ground you can make it further along.

Never, ever underestimate your jump pad’s usage. One example is when you are running away to turn around and snipe your pad. It only has 200 HP so the enemy team won’t be able to jump after you. Another is to throw it on your downed teammate so he can get to your position for a revive.

An ultimate example is to place your jump pad during the final circle. If pulled off correctly, enemy players will jump away into the circle and die instantly. It is tricky but it can be done. Similar to Horizon’s Q, the Jumpad can easily torpedo unsuspecting enemies out of position so you can snipe them. It is all about thinking ahead.

playing octane in ranked vs. pubs

Octane isn’t as useful in Ranked as he was back in S12 (the ultimate Octane META). Still, he can be pretty decent in lobbies when coupled with legends such as Gibby, Revenant, and even Maggie. Again, the most important thing is to scout and flank. That should be your main concern. Save your pad for some aggressive play and remain vigilant of a 3rd party.

In Pubs, you can just W your way toward enemies. Try to get your Stim up when positioning and conserve it for emergencies. It is always preferable to go in with a squad that can complement your Ultimate. Still, try to have some fun first and foremost 🙂

Learning how to play Octane can be a fun but daunting task. We have some of the best Octane players on our coach roster if you want to receive some direct training. It has to do about movement, positioning, ways to lead your team, and how to be as aggressive as possible. If you want to “up” your game, don’t hesitate to book a session!

We thank you for sticking with us for yet another guide in our How to Play Series (this time with Octane). We will bring more Legends soon!

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