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Riot Games have continued the expand the roster for new LoL champions and this trend is continuing in 2023. Long gone are the days when we used to get a new champion every other week. However, with a roster that is well beyond the 160 mark, it is more than understandable. The balancing alone is arguably a nightmare plus having to appease a huge variety of players isn’t something you can just sweep under the rug.

Still, it is commendable how committed the developers are to bringing new champions. Throughout 2022, Riot has teased the arrival of 2 new potentials:

  • A Darkin Assassin
  • A male Ixtali Enchanter (healer)
  • Two yet unknown champions (more details coming down in 2023)

A Cursed assassin and a Healer

Let’s talk about the assassin first. Fans have been besieging Riot for a new Darkin champion and it seems we’re getting it. Little is known of the actual look but fans are speculating about an animal wielding a dagger. For, lore-wise, the Darkin are evil spirits trapped inside a weapon (usually a dagger), which consumes the mind of its wielder. These beings were once prospectively Ascended but have failed and have been corrupted by blood magic. As cool as all these sounds, it would be great to see some actual footage of the abilities and how they can be played.

Next up is the Ixtali enchanter. One of the few male casters, his role is to support/heal the team. The guy originates from Ixtal (same as Qiyana) so it will be interesting to see the comparison in look and stature within the roster. Again, nothing tangible to show for the looks or abilities-wise, but we can be certain there’s going to be some cute factor introduced.

AHri and Aurelion Sol getting some much-needed makeover

Riot isn’t stopping at the new champions. They are planning to do some makeovers for very popular champions as well. Two are already known:

  • Ahri is getting the Art and Sustainability Update or ASU
  • The fan-favorite Aurelion Sol is getting a Comprehensive Gameplay Update or CGU (that got delayed from 2022)
Our favorite fluffily-tailed champion is getting some much needed updates!

Thanks to Caitlyn’s ASU success, Riot wants to update Ahri and give her some much-needed “flesh work.” Her kit at this time is pretty spot on so they’re aiming to deliver a refresh on her visuals and maybe some sound design updates as well.

As for Aurelion Sol, he’s going to be changing a lot, including his current kit. We don’t really have much in the way of what is being updated and how, but the devs are pretty optimistic about their approach.

What do you think of the new champions in LoL, coming this year? Are you excited to play something new or get the updated Aurelion a spin? Perhaps you are struggling and want someone who’s a professional to take a look at your game? Well, we can help you with that. Head on over to our League of Legends coaching section at Blazing, and our pros can coach you in a champion of your choosing.


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