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WotLK Classic is around the corner and there is one big question yet to be answered: how to unlock flying in WotLK Classic? As you may know, we will be playing in a new continent; Northrend. And this continent requires players to have the “Cold Weather Flying” skill unlocked.

What Are the Requirements?

First of all, you need to be level 77. So, you will not be able to fly until you almost complete leveling! Apart from the level requirement, you also need to know Expert Riding or (if you are a Druid) Flight Form/Swift Flight Form.

Where to Unlock Flying in Wotlk CLassic?

Once you complete all the requirements, you can go to one of these NPCs to learn Cold Weather Flying for 1000 Gold:

  • Roxi Ramrocket at K3 in Storm Peaks,
  • Hira Snowdawn at Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran (you can also buy the heirloom item “Tome of Cold Weather Flight” from them once you level another alt to level 68!)
  • Pilot Vic at River’s Heart in Sholazar Basin.

If you have not learned Artisan and Expert Riding skills, you can grind some reputation with Honor Hold or Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula to get discounts.

How to Fly For free in Wotlk Classic?

If you are level 77 or above and have not learned the Cold Weather Flying yet, you can go to “Honest” Max located at 40.7, 84.5 in Storm Peaks. You can do the quest offered by him to get a flying mount that flies at 60% speed only in Sholazar Basin, Storm Peaks, and Icecrown.

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For our WotLK Classic leveling guide, follow this link 🙂

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