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How do WoW raid boosts work?

Should you pay for WoW raid boosts?

Let’s start with what a WoW raid boost is first. In World of Warcraft, one of the ways of getting end content gear is by clearing the latest tier raid on the highest possible difficulty. Players are usually able to clear the raid in Normal difficulty by themselves for average gear. However; if they want to do somewhat competitive end content, they need better gear preferably from Heroic or even Mythic raids. The problem is that these raids take too much time especially when they are done in unorganized groups. You have to apply to a different number of groups via the LFG tool, send them a bunch of achievements proving that you can do that raid and so forth or if you are lucky; you may have friends who can clear those raids and you could try to arrange your time with them.

And what if you have never cleared the raid before? What if you have no friends who do the end content? What if you have limited time to spend in the game and it doesn’t work for your friends or guild?

This is where WoW Shadowlands raid boosts come in handy. As BlazingBoost, we offer Heroic to Mythic difficulty raids with very flexible options almost every hour of the day. Once you purchase a WoW raid boost, you are assigned to a highly-skilled group of players who will clear the raid with you. All you need to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the loot.

What is a VIP run?

What is the difference between VIP and Personal Loot runs?

In World of Warcraft, there is a loot rule that requires you to have a better piece of gear in a specific slot if you’d like to trade another gear you get for that slot. ‘VIP’ is a player who has better gear than the ones dropped from the raid bosses, on every single slot. VIPs can trade whatever loot they get with anyone in the same raid group. Currently, we offer up to 7 VIP traders as an extra option in our VIP runs; however, we are very flexible. If you’d like to get more VIP traders you can notify us about it. We can get in touch with our teams to provide you even more. Personal loot runs, on the other hand, are different than VIP runs in terms of loot. You basically get whatever drops for you.

You can see our VIP run service page here: WoW Raid Boost with VIP Traders

What is a WoW tier set?

How do guaranteed tier piece/set runs work?

We have many different WoW raid boost run types. You can buy full raid clears, partial raid runs, the last boss only runs, tier set boss runs, and guaranteed tier piece/set runs. In the current raid tier, some items provide different enhancements for different classes. They give different buffs depending on whether you have a 2-piece set or a 4-piece set. You can read more about it on Wowhead. Having a 4-piece set grants you a lot of advantages in both PvP and PvE. These set items are obtained through either weekly chests and raids or by creating them in Zereth Mortis. However, to create a good set item you need an upgradeable or a fully upgraded gear piece. We provide our customers with guaranteed tier WoW raid boosts.

What is a guaranteed tier run?

Our raid teams will take you to the raid until the tier pieces you’ve bought drop for you. It may take a week or three weeks, but it doesn’t matter. It’s all included in the price you’ve paid. However long it takes, they will clear the raid with you every week.

What is a raid calendar? How to use it?

We offer WoW raid boost services in two types: raid calendar runs and standard runs. Raid calendar runs are scheduled runs, they have a certain time and it’s almost like buying a ticket for a flight. Once you purchase a raid calendar run, you are assigned to the team who posted that run. If you need extra options, we contact the team and ask them for their availability for your preferences (i.e. 7 VIP Traders for leather). We put you in a Discord conference with the team where you can interact with them as well. When the time comes for your raid; the team creates an LFG group, gives you the name of the group so you can send them an application to make it look more organic in-game and then you are added to the group and our team completes the raid with you.

Where can I find the WoW raid calendar?

You can find the WoW raid calendar by clicking on “Raid Calendar&Old Raid Clears/Mounts” in the BlazingBoost website menu.

wow raid calendar
This is what a daily calendar looks like. You can click on “See more” to see the later runs.

How to use a WoW raid calendar?

These runs have different options such as Selfplay/Pilot, Full Run, Personal Loot, VIP Run… It’s always good to check them out beforehand and read the team’s note on the selection screen. You can also join our Discord server, add our Shadowlands Support Discord as a friend (BlazingBoost SL#2022) or write to our Live support on our website if you need help choosing the best run for you.

Our standard WoW raid boost service page looks like this. If you don’t know how your schedule is going to be yet and you’d like to have a WoW raid boost run organized for you within one or two days, you can always purchase these services.

What are raid achievements?

World of Warcraft raids have plenty of achievements. Some give you titles, some give cosmetic rewards and some give mounts.

What is the difference between a Feats of Strength and a normal achievement?

Some of these achievements are categorized as “Feats of Strength” and they are shown on your account’s “Achievements” tab separately. Feats of Strength raid achievements are very prestigious achievements that are unobtainable after some time, usually when the next raid tier goes live.

Currently, there are two Feats of Strength raid achievements that are obtainable through killing the Jailer on different difficulties:

  • Cutting Edge: The Jailer
    • Obtained by killing The Jailer on Mythic difficulty before the release of the next raid tier.
    • Rewards the Feats of Strength achievement
    • The Jailer drops the “Zereth Overseer” mount once in every Mythic kill, this mount is a guaranteed loot in our Mythic Jailer kill services.

Apart from the Feats of Strength achievements, there are kill achievements that are always obtainable. These rarely give anything besides 10 achievement points. There are also “Glory” achievements. These, on the other hand, are obtained by completing different and somewhat difficult achievements throughout the raid and they reward very nice mounts. We provide Glory run services as well for those who would like to collect these mounts.

Why do the Mythic raid prices change drastically from time to time?

Mythic raids are considered the ‘hardest’ PvE end content. There are World First races when they are first released and they are completed by 1% of the players. There is a very rare achievement for the first 100 Horde and Alliance guilds who manage to kill the end boss, these players are listed under “Hall of Fame” and stay on the list for everyone to see forever. You can check out the Sepulcher of the First Ones Hall of Fame list here. Cross-realm play is not available until both Horde and Alliance side Hall of Fame lists are complete. When Hall of Fame closes and raid boosts start, WoW raid boost teams charge more for their boosts as the content is still hard to clear. Prices drop more and more as the season progresses and Mythic raids become “farmable” content for these elite teams.

How to buy boosts for older tier raids?

We also sell services for older tiers of the same expansion; for example, currently, we have Castle Nathria and Sylvanas Mythic boost run services. We try to provide these services as long as we have teams willing to complete these as people usually want to obtain a transmog set, an item that is still good for the current patch, or a mount from these raids. Sometimes when there is not much demand for such services, we don’t list them on the website but we can still arrange custom services for you with our teams. These services are created and organized through service requests.

What is a WoW boost ‘service request’?

Service requests are a way for us to track demand for certain types of services and items and provide custom services for our customers. You can either make a Generic Service Request or a Transmog Request on our website. These requests can include anything from very rare mounts to transmogs, toys, a specific gear piece (a trinket, ring, etc.), Glory achievements… You can basically make a request for anything we don’t have on the website as a service and we will find the most fitting teams, farmers, or boosters for whatever you need and ask for a price. Do not forget that we are here to provide you the best customer support and the highest possible quality services for the lowest possible price! You can check out our TrustPilot for commendations from over 24,000 happy customers 🙂

Is WoW boosting safe?

If you’d like to learn about how boosting services are completed, you can check out our article named “What is WoW Boosting in 2022?

Blazing Boost is a website founded in 2012 by a group of high-ranked players in World of Warcraft. With so many years of experience, we perfectly understand the needs of a busy gamer: have a quick, reliable, and high-quality service at the best possible price.
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