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Wow Dragonflight Profession Overview

Professions are the lifeblood of WoW’s economy. They are also tied to your class in more ways than one so it is good to know which profession is still viable. That is why it is important to see just how much WoW Dragonflight will change each profession in this short overview.

In this WoW dragonflight Profession Overview, we won’t list every single recepie. Instead, we will only list the most exciting changes and additions, so you will know where to shift your focus towards.

For starters, a general statement for all fans of Tailoring/Blacksmithing/Leatherworking. They are still the “go-to” for gear/armor. They have the biggest amount of recipes and can craft anything for gold. But, for the first time ever, thanks to Profession skill, they can craft gear that is Mythic+ level.

Nothing beats an engineering invention like +25% chance for self immolation or a chance to open a Portal to the Nether


Overall, the most fun of all professions and just about the most useful (in gameplay terms). Blizzard has always had a soft spot for engineers and in Dragonflight, they are going to rule. Here’s a short list of notable items and gear they can create:

  • Goggles now only have 1 additional Random Stat Slot + a Tinker Socket.
  • Tinker Modules can be inserted into Tinker Sockets. Anything goes – from combat dress to a freaking flame thrower, it is a minefield of crazy ideas. So, perfect for engineers.
  • Bracers can be used by anyone (unlike Goggles). They have a Tinket Socket so if you are not an engineer, you can wear a bracer and use its unique ability.
  • Engineers can use 2 Tinker Modules (one from Goggles + one from Bracers). The combinations will make your head spin.
  • Some unique Devices:
    • S.A.V.I.O.R. – helps with raid wipes.
    • Zaphthrottle Soul Inhaler (Ghost Buster’s Reference) for collecting epic materials called “Frosty Souls” from elementals
    • H.E.L.P. – throw a flare when you have a point secure in Battlegrounds.
    • Portable Tinker’s Workbench (providing a bench for fieldwork for Alchemist and other professions when you really need it)


This profession has received several new additions. It has to do with providing more flexibility and the overall new level of progression (i.e. creating higher-level potions):

  • No more flasks! (now renamed to Vials).
  • Cauldrons change (they provide stacks of potions) – no more guild flasks 🙁
  • Potions can now buff a primary stat (with a very nice boost).
  • Alchemist Stone Trinkets: one grants Haste + decreases the cooldown of combat potions for 60 seconds + primary stat bonus of 50. The other adds Versatility and an increased chance to proc a primary stat buff + extends the duration of an active vial.


Enchanters are getting the same (more or less) additions with every new Expansion. There are, however, two interesting additions to keep an eye out for:

  • Enchanting Profession tools (increases Deftness). A way for Enchanters to make a quick buck. These tools are essential to increasing the quality level of your craft.
  • Crystal Magical Lockpick (sort of a master key for some special chests – use unknown for now :))


Scribes have had some hard times in WoW but in Dragonflight, they are going to be in high demand. One of their most desirable creation is going to be Profession Knowledge Books. The other – trinkets that you can upgrade continuously, especially if you don’t want to raid.

  • Darkmoon Box Deck (epic trinkets) – available from the get-go. Excellent item level for S1 + you can upgrade them as you get a better level on your profession.
  • Profession Knowledge Books (tradable and sellable). Anyone can use these once per week, per profession (super useful and valuable). ESSENTIAL if you want to level up quickly so you can make quite a lot of gold on the AH.


When was the last time you heard a jewelcrafter complain they were missing gold? Never, huh? Well, they are going to become even more obnoxiously rich in Dragonflight. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • They are the only ones who can craft Empty Soul Cage for Engineers.
  • Their Vials are of superior crafts so Alchemists will have to get them exclusively from them.
  • Medallions: for sockets high-level level quality gear (which are tradable).
  • A jewelcrafter needs to have a (high) specialization in medallions to be able to add a 3rd socket to an item.
  • You can create some amazing necks with 3 sockets and unique effects.
  • New Trinkets + socketed gems (depending on the type, bmosttly of the same color to get out of it).
  • New Pets inspired by every Dragonflight (all colors).


A nice change is coming for all metal lovers. Apart from the ton of new recipes (which we already mentioned), blacksmithing brings a lot of self-utility in Dragonflight

  • Repair Hammers: you can now repair your own gear, for free. We’ve only been waiting for this option 9 expansions.
  • Master’s Hammer: a new level to self-repair – now you don’t even have to craft the hammer of repair.


Leatherworkers have one more customer in the newly added Evoker class. Lots of new recipes for high end mail and leather gear but sadly, nothing that truly stands out :(

  • Lenhancementent effects: this isn’t anything new, though we can mention that there are now 3 tiers and added stats for quality. The higher the skill, the better the stats. These can be sold on the AH (as per usual).


The “squishies” (Warlocks, Priests, Mages) are getting a lot of exciting recepies for armor and gear in the cloth department. Arguably though, the biggest addition is the new bag that can hold profession items:

  • Spellthreads for legs: this is a standard fare really, which adds stamina + mana for the caster.
  • Bag crafts (Profession bag): the big addition that is going to make a BUCK for the tailors. These bags have 32 / 34 slots and are in line to help every class out, for a good price of course.


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