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“Boosting” is a very interesting phenomenon that has received more attention and interest in the last decade.
Essentially, you’re paying someone to complete something for you, or with you, in a videogame. The service itself is usually a ‘boost’, as it helps your character gain power, gear, or alike.

Specifically, WoW stands for World of Warcraft, the most popular MMORPG released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. Therefore, “WoW Boosting” means boosting a player in World of Warcraft.

To use a boosting service, you generally have to find a provider (i.e. a website, usually) who will connect you with a player (‘booster’). And they will complete the service for you. This means that websites are intermediaries that act as brokers to connect the customer and the booster together.

How are boosting services completed?

‘Boosting’ services are generally completed in two different methods.
1) Account Sharing
2) ‘Selfplay’ or ‘Coaching’

When the customer chooses “Account Sharing”, the booster logs into their account to complete the boost. This means that the booster will use the customer’s account and character to reach a certain level, or obtain a specific weapon or armor reward. Booster will logout when he completes the service. The customer shall log back in on his account and find his rewards ready in their bag.

How are they different?

On the other hand, ‘Selfplay’ or ‘Coaching’ services are extremely different and offer a different experience.
When a customer purchases one of these services, he is not going to share his account with the booster.
He will actually play alongside the booster to complete a certain activity that was probably too difficult otherwise. Selfplay or Coaching services are usually aimed at group-activities where the customer is often let down by his team mates or group members.
With a Selfplay Boost, instead, the customer will play with professional players who have already completed that activity in the past (or that are simply better players at the game). The activity will be easier and the customer will gain access to the rewards with less headaches.

Most notably, the benefit of purchasing a Selfplay service is the extra safety, the enjoyment of playing with great team mates, and the connected learning experience. This is especially the case for WoW Boosting services, where Selfplay boosts always assure that the customer must contribute and play alongside his boosters.

Wait, does this mean that boosting equals cheating?

Absolutely not. Cheating is completely different from purchasing or completing a boosting service.

In the online gaming environment, ‘cheating’ is one of the worst activities that a player can carry out,. Hence why it is very important to correctly define what is an actual cheating behavior, distinguishing it from other activities that occur in the gaming world.

A player is cheating when he is gaining unfair advantage over other players by using automated tools that absolutely disrupt other players’ experiences. This usually happens through automated software. As an example, a ‘cheater’ is probably automating the usage of his abilities, abusing game mechanics, or hacking the game’s system itself.

Let’s make a common and easy example: an online shooter such as ‘Call of Duty’. In these games, most cheaters are aim-botting, which means that their weapon will automatically headshot all opponents without actually having to aim. These are considered heavily disruptive activities and, as a result, deserve to be rightfully banned and punished.

Examples of automated activities

Even in World of Warcraft, cheating through automated software has certainly been a problem in the past. Luckily Blizzard Entertainment has solved the issue in the recent years. Players were able to automate their characters’ activities by, for example:

– farming in game objects and materials without actually playing the game and partaking in social interactions
– using certain abilities with superhuman reaction speed (the infamous kick-bots, that basically allowed players to interrupt other players’ spells within 0.1 seconds in PvP environments. This form of cheating software even grew to the point of allowing cheaters to choose when they would interrupt abilities, doing it occasionally or at specific timers, in order to disrupt detection methods. Yeah, it got pretty bad overtime!)
– flying in the game environment

There have been more cheating activities in World of Warcraft (and in many other games) before. However,they have slowed down due to the game publishers taking action against these softwares.

What is the difference with actual boosting services then? Why should they not be considered as ‘cheating’ activities?

The answer is actually very simple: you don’t harm other players’ experience when you purchase a boosting service. Especially because there is always someone playing the account, a real human, able to partake in in-game social interactions and contributing to the growth of the game world.

Let’s analyze both types of services:

Account sharing services:
  • A real person is playing on the customer’s account
  • The booster is not cheating
  • Do not harm other players in the process
Selfplay / Coaching services:
  • The customer is playing his own account
  • The customer is completing an activity with his own contribution, with his own skill and hands
  • The customer is learning from professional players
  • The customer is having fun, saving time and avoiding toxic interactions with other players. These interactions can sometimes ruin the game experience as a whole.
  • The booster (or the boosters, if it’s a team of professional players) are not using any cheating software

While it is understandable that boosting activities are considered suspicious (they are a new profession in the online e-commerce environment), a thorough analysis of the phenomenon can help us understand that boosting has nothing to do with actual cheating or hacking activities. Thankfully, in WoW Boosting aim bots have never even existed so such a form of pure cheating has never seen the light or destroyed game lobbies.

How can we know that boosting services are completed without cheating?

This is a very valid question. After all, in theory, there can not be any guarantee that the booster is also not cheating. However, there is a very important factor that has been left out so far:

Who is selling the services? Is there any control over the service completion? Are the boosters screened?

For the majority of boosting activities, the service is offered by intermediary websites. For their own business model to succeed and thrive, the website itself must ensure that the service is completed quickly, without security risks for the customer, and without disrupting the game experience of other players online.
Therefore, yes, there is a screening of the boosters and professional players.

This is why purchasing a boosting service should occur through a website and not private individuals offering you a ‘boost’ through Discord, Telegram channels, or alike.

In fact, ensuring the customer feels safe during the transaction must be a priority for the website. In a world plagued with online scams, it is important to choose the right provider for any of your WoW Boosting services (or for any other games in which boosting providers exist).


Why does this market even exist? Why would someone pay for these services?

Gamers are growing up. Most players are now busier than they were during their adolescence. They have a family, a job, and many responsibilities.

However, if you are a gamer in your teen years, you are a gamer forever and you will carry that passion with you in the future. That’s why gaming is one of the most growing hobbies in the last decade. It is fun, it can be really relaxing after a long day at work, and it is a nostalgic passion that reminds us of our youth.

When you grow up and have more responsibilities (as explained above), you simply have less time to play. However, you may still be in love with your favourite game! You may still want to see the end game content, have a powerful character, come back home from work and have a few hours of gaming with great players.

The alternative is to probably have a weak character with low equipment, being forced to play with toxic teammates who will bring you down, and simply not being invited to good groups because you aren’t experienced enough. This is an artificial barrier that simply takes the fun out of online games such as MMORPG, especially World of Warcraft.

Concurrently, some other players are still able to dedicate time to their favorite game. With the existence of busy gamers who want to play and have fun, the supply and demand meets. The boosting scene is born, and great players can earn money and also make a living out of their hobby. Essentially, everyone wins, as long as there are no scams or cheating activities involved.

As previously mentioned, websites are the touchstones that allow the supply and demand to meet with safety, professionalism, and customer support. Therefore, professional WoW Boosting is actually a reality in the market today, with consumers’ rights being respected and a stellar experience being offered to buyers.

How to choose the right website for a WoW boost?

One of the easiest and most straightforward elements to analyze is their reviews. It could be said that in the e-commerce business, Trustpilot is the most reliable reviews platform in today’s environment.
On a company’s Trustpilot profile, you can check:

  • The company’s overall amount of reviews
  • How many of those reviews are negative (1 or 2 stars)
  • How does the company answer negative reviews
  • How often do negative reviews come in

You should not look at just the Trustpilot’s score. It is possible to be a 4.9/5 rated company with a lot of negative reviews that occur very frequently, or that are often reported or removed.

In fact, there can be other companies with 5.0/5.0 that may only have a +0.1 difference on the overall score, but they could be having negative reviews very rarely, and they could be offering well structured, kind, and helpful answers.

Pricing and ETA

Another element can be the website’s pricing and the estimated time of completion for orders. Do not be fooled by excessively low prices and short ETAs (which stands for ‘estimated time of arrival’, i.e. online service completion in this business). On average, the boosters or professional players are online in the late afternoon and evening. A website promising an “instant start” or a 1-2 hours ETA at any point of the day can be a red flag. The service may still be completed, but delays could be behind the corner and it is a relatively negative sign if the business doesn’t acknowledge its actual speed of processes.

When it comes to prices, they should also be thoroughly considered. A very low price can be an indicator of:

  • the unwillingness of the website to offer a refund/compensation as they just won’t have the funds to do so
  • cheap support quality
  • questionably low payment to the players completing the services, which can affect their motivation

It goes without saying that these are assumptions: there can be stellar businesses offering a low price, with a high support quality, and great players/boosters/coachers. However, any informed consumer should keep these factors in mind when deciding which website to shop from.

Lastly, another trick could be to chat with the website’s Livechat support: is it helpful and kind? Is it pushing you to purchase with obnoxious salesman tactics? A well-informed and experienced support operator in this business must be able to offer precise and concise answers, inform you of any promotion but also leave you the freedom of choice, ensuring you feel relaxed when shopping through the website and when asking any question.

If the Livechat of the shop you are visiting does not convey this feeling, then quickly go check their Trustpilot profile, for example! This can help you make a better decision.

Why Blazingboost for your WoW Boosting services?

At the end of this article, you are hopefully more informed of what WoW Boosting actually is, how it works, and what’s the philosophy behind these services and their existence in the market.

With 10 years of experience in this business, BlazingBoost was launched in 2012 and it can be the best choice for your in-game needs for your character or account.

BlazingBoost’s Trustpilot profile speaks for itself: with over 24.000 positive reviews. You can shop safely if you need any WoW Boosting service or for any other game that BlazingBoost also supports.

blazingboost trustpilot profile
Blazing Boost TrustPilot Profile

The company keeps on suggesting safe and enjoyable services: Selfplay and Coaching is the growing trend for the past few years, and you are absolutely safe when playing with professional coaches who will simply play alongside you. No account sharing is required to improve your game experience in World of Warcraft.

If you are looking for an account-sharing service such as a Leveling boost, it is available nonetheless.

In general, the most common and sought after WoW services offered are:

  • Mythic+ Runs in Selfplay, timed, to obtain Keystone Master or Keystone Hero. You can also find the best Mythic+ deals with x4 dungeons at a price of 3, and more,
  • Arena Coaching in 3v3 to reach Gladiator
  • Arena Selfplay services to unlock your 1800 or 2100 rating
  • Raid Services in the most recent raid. At the time of writing, Fated Raids rotate every week.
  • TCG Mounts (Spectral Tiger, Magic Rooster mounts, and others – if you ever wanted to storm through the game on these super rare mounts, BlazingBoost has them in stock with guaranteed delivery the same day of your purchase)
  • and much, much more!

Thank you for reading, and see you soon!

Blazing Boost is a website founded in 2012 by a group of high-ranked players in World of Warcraft. With so many years of experience, we perfectly understand the needs of a busy gamer: have a quick, reliable, and high-quality service at the best possible price.
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