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World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Adventurer, get ready to face the dangers of Northrend because WotLK Classic Prepatch goes live with the weekly reset! Let’s check what is new.

Death Kinghts

With the Wotlk Classic Prepatch, players will be able to create their Death Knights and start leveling as the new hero class. Note that you need to have a level 55 character before you can create a Death Knight. Also, you can only have one Death Knight per realm and pre-patch leveling is limited to 70.

wotlk classic borean tundra zeppelin ride
Boren Tundra Zeppelin Ride

Wotlk Classic prepatch Inscription Profession

Another addition to the game with the pre-patch is the Inscription profession. Players will be able to create:

  • Tomes
  • Scrolls
  • Darkmoon Cards
  • Master Inscriptions
  • Glyphs

When the pre-patch starts you can find an inscription trainer in any major city to learn the profession. Inscription requires two types of materials: inks and parchments. You can gather herbs, mill them, turn pigments into inks and use them to craft inscription recipes.

Finally: Achievements!

To all the completionists: achievements are here! Finally, we will be able to see our progress in the game in a more tangible way. There were some add-ons in TBC Classic, that let players see the unofficial achievements but they were not actually something you could show off with. Now you’ll be able to earn achievements for GeneralQuestsExplorationPlayer vs. PlayerDungeons & RaidsProfessionsReputationWorld Events, and Feats of Strength.

Zombies and Scourge is here

This event starts September 6 as a pre-expansion event. The Lich King has infested Azeroth with a plague that can turn you into a zombie and you need to survive it so you can get to Northrend! You can also make your way to Scourge Invasion Points and kill the rare undead enemies to loot helpful items.

WotLK Classic Prepatch: New Fresh Start Realm

When the WotLK Classic prepatch is released today after the reset, players will be able to create new characters on the fresh start realm, Skyfury (PvP). This realm will strictly be for new characters and you will not be able to use a boost or transfer a character into this realm for 90 days after the game release.

If you are getting ready to level by yourself, you can read our WotLK Classic Leveling article. Don’t have time to level by yourself? Check out WotLK Classic Prepatch Leveling services on Blazing Boost! 🙂

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