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World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic

WotLK Classic release is around the corner and everyone is preparing for WotLK arenas! We will make a WotLK arena comps tier list and discuss which specs are better against each other.

WotLK Arena Comps 2v2 Tier list

Here is the 2v2 arena comp tier list:

  • Arms Warrior / Holy Paladin (S-Tier)
  • Subtlety Rogue / Shadow Priest (S-Tier)
  • Affliction OR Destruction Warlock / Restoration Shaman (S-Tier)
  • Frost Mage / Shadow Priest (S-Tier)
  • Retribution OR Preg Paladin / Marksmanship Hunter (S-Tier)
  • Feral Druid / Discipline Priest (A-Tier)
  • Marksmanship Hunter / Discipline Priest (A-Tier)
  • Frost Mage / Discipline Priest (A-Tier)
  • Retribution OR Preg Paladin / Enhancement Shaman (A-Tier)
  • Unholy Death Knight / Holy Paladin (A-Tier)
  • Affliction OR Destruction Warlock / Restoration Druid (B-Tier)
  • Subtlety Rogue / Discipline Priest (B-Tier)
  • Retribution OR Preg Paladin / Discipline Priest (B-Tier)
  • Subtlety Rogue / Feral Druid (B-Tier)
  • Retribution OR Preg Paladin / Subtlety Rogue (B-Tier)
  • Unholy Death Knight / Discipline Priest (C-Tier)
  • Retribution OR Preg Paladin / Unholy Death Knight (C-Tier)
  • Subtlety Rogue / Frost Mage (C-Tier)
  • Subtlety Rogue / Balance Druid (C-Tier)
  • Arms Warrior / Restoration Druid (C-Tier)
  • Marksmanship Hunter / Restoration Druid (D-Tier)
  • Arms Warrior / Restoration Shaman (D-Tier)
  • Elemental Shaman / Discipline Priest (D-Tier)
  • Subtlety Rogue / Affliction OR Destruction Warlock (D-Tier)
  • Subtlety Rogue / Restoration Druid (D-Tier)

S-Tier Wotlk Arena comps

Arms Warrior/Holy Paladin

This comp is basically the strongest comp in the game and most of your games will be against this comp. Warrior has crazy damage and mobility; combined with a Holy Paladin’s cc immunity and healing, this WotLK arena comp is literally the best.

This comp will most likely destroy Warlock and Discipline Priest teams. However, there are 2 very popular counters for this comp: Sub Rogue/Shadow Priest and Frost Mage/Shadow Priest.

Subtlety Rogue/Shadow PriesT

This comp is very strong because it counters Arms Warrior/Holy Paladin and also can destroy Holy Paladin and Discipline Priest. Packed with a lot of crowd control potential like Sap, Psychic Scream, Silence, Psychic Horror, Gouge and Blind this comp does not forgive the usage of PvP trinket at a wrong time.

To counter this comp, you need to be able to survive their first go and drag the game a bit. Warlocks can be considered as a counter for this comp as they have a lot of defensive tools and ways to not get sapped in the first place.

Affliction or Destruction warlock/Resto Shaman

First of all, you can play as Affliction or Destruction in this comp but they both have their ups and downs. Destruction is extremely strong against double-DPS or caster based teams and Affliction is basically destroying healer/dps comps by putting a lot of pressure on the healer. This comp is very good against rogue teams, with the usage of Succubus, however we cannot say the same thing for Warrior teams.

Affliction works a bit better against Warriors as they don’t have to cast too many spells but as Destruction you probably will not be able to cast anything.

Frost Mage/Shadow Priest

Frost Mage and Spriest is very good against Warrior/Holy Paladin as well. You have a total CC time of 32 seconds and Polymorph is spammable so you can basically keep 1 player out of the fight while bursting down the other one.

This comp is weak against Warlocks and some double DPS comps that include Ret Paladins.

Retribution or preg paladin/Marksmanship hunter

They should name this comp “the Priest destroyer” as it has the sickest burst damage and utility to bypass a Priest’s damage reduction.

Again, your biggest counter is the Arms Warrior/Holy Paladin comp when you play as Paladin/MM Hunter. Can you win against it? Of course you can but it requires you to play really really well. You can also kill Warlocks easily but Warlock/Healer teams can give you a hard time.

A-Tier Wotlk Arena Comps

Feral Druid/Discipline Priest

Feral/Disc is a very nice comp especially against Mage teams as mages cannot control Feral Druids. Feral Druid just sticks to the enemy so any team that cannot play without a distance such as Hunter/Healer and Warlock/Healer teams will be annihilated by this comp.

This comp is countered by Feral’s inability of applying a healing reduction effect. So when you have DPS/Healer team against you, you will struggle a lot to kill them. Most of the times you will have a super long match trying to kill the enemies. Also, Feral’s damage is Physical, which means you will perform bad against teams with high armor.

Marksmanship Hunter/Disc Priest

I don’t really know where to put this comp because it’s strong but not the best comp against all the other comps you will be facing. It has a lot of damage and CC and Hunter traps do not DR the Priest Psychic Scream. You have a CC chain that can go up to 23 seconds, which should provide enough window to kill one enemy.

You will be able to win against Mage teams easily but Warlock/Healer teams are a 90% loss chance for you. You will also struggle against the most popular comp, Arms Warrior/Holy Paladin as they can just kill your priest.

Frost Mage/Discipline Priest

This comp has a lot of CC and burst damage so you could kill someone in 3-4 seconds. Both Mages and Priests have dispel so you can give Mages, Disc Priests and Resto Druids a very hard time. You can win against most DPS/healer teams if you are patient.

One of the biggest weaknesses of this comp comes from having a Mage. Feral Druids can just kill your Mage and Paladin/Hunter and Unholy DK teams can use their immunities against the Mage and kill your Priest easily.

Retribution or preg paladin/Enhancement Shaman

We can say that this comp is very similar to Ret Paladin/MM Hunter as they share almost the same weaknesses and strengths. The gameplay is pretty straightforward with this comp; you run in and pop all your cooldowns alongside Shaman’s Bloodlust. Frost Mages, Warlocks, MM Hunters and almost every singlel healer will just die to your damage.

However, having only 30 seconds of damage window and then sitting for some time is a bit problematic for this comp. This comp is also very weak against the most popular comp Arms Warrior/Holy Paladin. I’d say this comp totally depends on the meta when the game is released. Any team with a priest counters it very badly.

Unholy Death Knight/Holy Paladin

This comp is very similar to Arms Warrior/Holy Paladin even though the UH DK variant is a lot weaker. Death Knights are very good when it comes to damage and immunities. You can destroy Discipline Priest teams easily as the DK can literally stick to the Priest.

Again, the problem with this comp is DK having no healing reduction effect which means all the other healers than a Priest can tank all your damage and easily heal it. This comp is also very weak against the most popular comp Arms Warrior/Holy Paladin. Warriors can easily kill Death Knights and all the comps that counter Arms Warrior/Holy Paladin can destroy you as well.

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