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In this article, we will discuss how to gear up in WotLK Classic in two phases. The first part is about how to gear up in WotLK Classic prepatch, which will go on for 5 more days. And the second part is about how to gear up in WotLK Classic after the expansion is launched and once you reach level 80.

Before you continue reading, check out our article about Frostbrood Proto-wyrm; a promotion mount that is being gifted to everyone who completes the Death Knight starter zone questline.

How to Gear up in Wotlk Classic Prepatch

Currently, there are a lot of events and catch-up mechanics that let you gear up your character super fast. If you are already level 70, you can pick any activity we mention here and start preparing your character for the WotLK Classic launch.

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Gladiator gear

The first and easiest method to gear up your character in WotLK prepatch is by playing Battlegrounds and earning Honor. You can purchase Gladiator gear pieces from the vendor using your Honor. In terms of gear level, Gladiator gear is pretty much around the same level as Sunwell gear. You can obtain the full set with one Honor cap, and then keep playing Battlegrounds to buy the weapon. Keep in mind that you will also get a 4-set bonus from this set.

Honor Marks

When you do Battlegrounds, you will also get Honor Marks which can be turned in for 185 honor each. You can hold 400 Honor Marks on your character. This means when you do both full Honor cap and keep all the marks; you will have around 149k Honor on your character. In the original WotLK launch, Honor points were reset a day before the launch. However, Blizzard hasn’t done this when TBC was launched so there is a huge chance that you will be able to keep your Honor points when WotLK Classic is launched.

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Prepatch Event

Lastly, you can participate in the prepatch event to gear up your character. There is an item set that can only be obtained by participating in the prepatch Scourge Invasion event. This item set is basically equal to Karazhan gear and it cannot really compete with Gladiator gear but it’s easier to obtain if you don’t have much time to play the game.

There is also a new boss added to Karazhan that drops the Arcanite Ripper Axe and the Guitar Hero Axe; which is a very unique weapon worth getting.

Out of all three ways to gear up fast in WotLK Classic prepatch, the fastest seems to be the Honor points cap.

How to gear up ın WotLK as a fresh level 80?

Normal Dungeon gear in wotlk

First of all, try to find people in your realm to do Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection with. The gear you can loot here is basically better than anything you are wearing right now. Farm these dungeons over and over until you have decent enough gear to go into Heroic dungeons.

Heroic Dungeon gear in wotlk

When you have enough gear to do Heroic dungeons, you should start farming them. You get two Emblems of Frost when you complete your first Heroic dungeon for the day. You can use these emblems to purchase raid level gear. Also, you will obtain Emblems of Triumph from each Heroic dungeon boss you kill. You can find the vendor for this Emblem in Dalaran or your faction’s main city and purchase a lot of gear for your class. Once you reach 3500 Gear Score, you can take a break from Heroic dungeon farm and start doing other content such as ICC Stairs rep grind.

Make Money with Your Professions to get gear in wotlk

Professions are not useless in WotLK and they will actually help you make a lot of gold throughout the expansion. Raise your professions to 450 to sell profession products on the AH to buy endgame gear.

Storm peaks quests

Go to K3 and do the quest They Took Our Men! This quest will lead to a series of quests that will unlock the faction called Sons of Hodir who sell shoulder enchantments that give you a lot of power. Apart from the gearing part, there is a daily quest giver in Brunnhildar Village that gives you a satchel for every quest you complete. You can obtain the Reins of the White Polar Bear from this satchel if you are lucky! If you have some spare Emblems of Triumph laying around, you can also exchange these for Sons of Hodir Commendations to finish the grind faster.

IceCrown Citadel and Argent Tournament

You can complete Icecrown Citadel and Argent Tournament quests to gain access to Argent Tournament dailies, which give a lot of gold and a mount once you reach exalted! You can use this gold to purchase endgame gear.

Be a Diplomat! – to get gear in WotLK

Get to Exalted reputation with Northrend factions. You can obtain very powerful head enchantments from the quartermaster of these factions. When you get to Friendly reputation, you can buy the tabard for the faction you are farming and grind Exalted reputation in level 80 dungeons.

Raid Quests

You can complete weekly raid quests such as Flame Leviathan Must Die! to get 5 Emblems of Triumph and 5 Emblems of Frost. Make sure to check out the LFG chat regularly to see when a group is forming.

Ashen Verdict Reputation Grind

Ashen Verdict vendor sells an awesome ring at Friendly reputation and it upgrades when your reputation level goes higher. Farming this reputation is pretty boring as you have to stand and kill one mob at a time.

Trial of the Champion Grind

Whenever you come across a group running Trial of the Champion instance, just join them as the second and third boss drop trinkets that are very good for caster DPS, Tank, Healer, and DPS classes.

Gems and Enchantments

When you feel like you have good gear and don’t need replacements for a long time, you can start investing in enchantments and epic gems. You can trade 10k Honor points for an uncut epic gem at the Jewelcrafting PvP vendor in your faction’s main city.

You can also get several gems each week by completing Wintergrasp quests and buying commendations with Stone Keeper Shards.

Another way of acquiring gems is by trading Emblems of Triumph for them in Dalaran at the rate of 10 for Red-Blue-Yellow and 20 for Purple-Green-Orange ones.


When you complete all of these, you will basically have a very-well geared character and be the person everyone is looking for to get in their runs! 🙂

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