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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is going in a new direction when it comes to zone traversal by introducing mount customization and Dragonriding skill. Blizzard have been very vocal about trying to “fix” flying and make it more exciting. They are bringing more ideas than ever:

  • We get a brand new race that can take to the skies (albeit for a brief time)
  • Dragonriding is a new skill that makes use of new flying mount mechanics to reinvent the “flying wheel”
  • New flying mounts (drakes) are introduced in Dragonflight with many options for customization that will “replace” regular old mounts

The topic of today’s post is the mount customization in Dragonflight. Alongside the Dragonriding skill, it is set to make a much bigger impact in WoW than anything we’ve seen so far.

Can I use my old mounts in Dragonflight?

The very first thing affected by the change of traversal is the exclusion of the old mounts for flying. This means that when you access the Dragon Isles zones, your trusty old flying companions cannot be used. Blizzard’s thoughts on this change are clear – they want players to be actively involved when flying. If this change proves very sacksful, it may become permanent in the new iteration of World of Warcraft.

But fret not for now – every player will get a chance to obtain their mount very quickly and easily once they land in The Waking Shores.

The Dragon Queen welcomes you to the Dragon Isles (credit: @KuridelBlack)

how do I get the new mounts?

Each player in Dragonflight will be able to pick from the 4 available drake mounts, which come with a set of mount customization options. The drakes are quest rewards and can be obtained through:

  • The Renewed Proto Drake is the reward upon completing the A New Friend achievement (during questing in the Waking Shores)
  • The Windbourne Velocidrake as the reward for completing the Ohn’ahran Plains campaign (alongside the Together in the Skies achievement)
  • The Highland Drake becomes available after reaching the achievement “An Azure Ally” during questing in the Azure Span zone
  • The Cliffside Wylderdrake is attainable once you complete the achievement Cliffside Companion in the Thaldraszus zone.

Each of these mounts can be customized in a unique way – more and more options become available as you complete quests, challenges, dungeons and raids in WoW: Dragonflight.

do we get more mounts later in dragonflight?

Some players are already moaning at the lack of variety when it comes to the 4 drake models. After all, we have players with hundreds of mounts already so limiting that number to 4 seems like Blizzard being lazy. Right?

Not so. They have already announced a new drake that will be obtainable from the Arena (the Gladiator Drake). There are rumors already of more drakes and flying mounts to come. The upcoming raids and dungeons will probably have additions to look forward to.

How do I customize my mount?

Once you obtain your flying mount in the leveling zones of WoW: Dragonflight, you can head on over to a Rostrum of Transformation to customize your drake. There are many options to do so, including:

  • Body options:
    • Skill color, Skin Scale type, Snout, Horns, Horn Color, Crest and Full transformation
  • Details:
    • Throat, Back, Tail, Body armor, Armor Color
  • Head:
    • Crest, Hair Color, Mouth, Nose, Chin, Jaw
  • Face:
    • Brow, Eyesight, Eye Color, Ears

The default ones are very plain. However, as you can see from the sheer wealth of options, they only hint at the possibilities that will be open once dungeons and raids come into place. For us, the most interesting feature is the Full Transformation which is sure to completely revamp the look in some cool new way.

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