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As you may know, Blizzard has changed the loot system in Dragonflight. In the expansion’s first raid, Vault of the Incarnates, Group Loot will be the only loot distribution method. Furthermore, there is no Master Loot option and the Game Devs are defending this choice by claiming that they wanted to prevent people from “Ninja Looting”. While the players have mixed feelings about this change, we will see how it goes when the raid goes live.

What Changes in Dragonflight loot system?

First of all, Group Loot will be the only method within the raid, Vault of the Incarnates. Dragonflight loot system has Need before Greed loot rule and players will have lower chances of winning an item that is good for their offspec. Furthermore, they will not be able to win the same item with the same item level if they already have it in their bag.

The biggest issue of Dragonflight loot system seems like the gear type drops. Hypothetically speaking, if you have 20 clothies in your Raid group; there is a chance that you won’t get even 1 cloth item at all. Gear type drops are totally random and you can get mail,cloth,plate,leather item drops even if you don’t have someone that can wear that gear in your Raid group.

BoE Items in dragonflight loot system

No more non-stop BoE farming, sadly. Bind on Equip items will drop only from “Lieutenant” enemies (aka mini-bosses) and they will have weekly lockouts per each difficulty. So you will have a chance to drop a piece of BoE item once every week per Raid difficulty. BoE drop numbers are scaled depending on the group size. So if you have more people, you have a chance to drop more BoEs. Lastly, Blizzard is adding more important items into the BoE pool ranging from weapons to high item-level pieces.

Loot Trading in dragonflight loot system

Item level restrictions while trading an item within the raid are removed entirely. This means, even if the player doesn’t have a better item in that slot than the one they won; they can still trade that item freely to their group as long as they are in the raid.

Unique Loot Drops

Blizzard has mentioned that they are experimenting with a new addition; some bosses will drop a special higher item level piece that is 6-7 item level higher than the usual loot. These items will have unique appearances or special bonus effects. Currently, the bosses that have unique items are:

  • A pair of rings from Eranog and Diurna  
  • A special bow from Storm Incarnate Raszageth
  • An Omni Trinket (Str/Agi/Int) from the Primal Council.

As I mentioned before, the feedback for these changes are pretty much mixed. Let us know how you feel about it in the comments! 🙂

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