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The best wow Dragonflight Discounts for Black Friday at Blazing boost

Start your gaming holiday early this year, with BlazingBoost! We have prepared the best Black Friday deals for the upcoming WoW Dragonflight expansion, with discounts for the hottest boosting services.

Regardless if you prefer PvE or PvP content, with our offer you will be ready to face Dragonflight’s challenges, head on. Let’s see what’s on offer!

Black Friday WoW PvE discounts

Everyone is ready for the new expansion but if the hype and preorders are to be believed, we are in for one hectic launch. This means a lot of players will be swarming the leveling zones and you may end up waiting instead of leveling. Hence, our Black Friday WoW Discounts for leveling services!

Add another character for a double boost and a 10% discount!

This preorder piloted service is now 35% off. You can get a freshly “dinged” 70 characters of your choosing when Dragonflight goes online on the 28th (29th in the EU). The only requirement is to have the expansion purchased and ready – our certified boosters will use SafeCarry VPN for extra protection of your account.

Our recommendation is to go for “double leveling” with an alt. This way you will have 2 level 70 characters, all decked up to face all the upcoming challenges of Dragonflight’s dungeons (and raid).

For those of you who have missed Shadowlands and want to ride a dragon

Blizzard has been teasing and hyping players who have been away from WoW for a long time. If you are one of them and want to experience Dragonflight in all its glory, this service is for you.

Basically, we prepare your “old” character who has missed out on a lot of Shadowlands. We will level your main (and an alt, for 10% off) and provide ilvl 288 gear + 2 maxed-out professions of your choosing. This way you can level to your heart’s content Dragonflight, without playing alone in the barren Shadowlands!

For the dedicated PvE’s and those who cannot wait for Vault of the Incarnates to open

If you want to take it a step further, we got you!  A character that has 2 fully decked-out professions and has been through all the dungeons in Dragonflight (both Heroic and Mythic). Well,  look no further. Our boosters will start the moment the gates to the Dragon Isles open and will grind to have your order finished, using SafeCarry VPN to keep your account secure.

Black Friday WoW PVP discounts

We never forget the PvP crowd in WoW. That is why we have created a selection of boosting services, each aiming to please the casual and hardcore “future” Gladiators.

The only requirement is having a minimum of ilvl370 gear and a level 70 character

For the Arena junkies, we have this exclusive preorder Black Friday deal. It will get your character to 1600 rating in Solo Shuffle. After the service is complete your character will gain Conquest points, Honor, Achievements, and access to gear upgrades.

Learn from the best and get the gist of the updated classes and specs for Dragonflight Arena PvP

Preorder for the amazing opportunity to play with a Pro Coach or a Celebrity Player. They will teach you the ins and out of the Arena Comp for Dragonflight! Ensure the absolute safety of your account by using the 30% gold trade for this coaching, as approved by Blizzard. With this Black Friday deal, regardless if you are from the US or EU, you will be the first to get some actual Arena experience directly from the best.

Get direct feedback as you play and learn valuable lessons for your class and spec

Last but never least, the Personal Angel offer is also discounted for Black Friday. You can pick either a Pro Coach or a Celebrity Player to watch and critique your gameplay, live over Discord. Your coach will provide invaluable feedback from the get-go about:

  • Your gear,
  • Spec,
  • Positioning,
  • Team comp,
  • Rotation.

No account sharing is needed and you can play at your own convenience.

Last chance wow shadowlands: heroic fated raids bundle

Shadowlands is in its death throes but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some things at the last minute. With this super-discounted offer, we can boost you through all 3 Heroic Fated Raids, for both EU and US servers. You will get the popular Jigglesworth Sr. mount and 289+ gear that will help you level faster in Dragonflight. No account sharing is needed – just a good attitude and being on time for the raid 🙂

Grab what little glory is left in the Shadowlands with this offer

Don’t forget to check all discounted deals at BlazingBoost’s dedicated Black Friday page:


Blazing Boost is a website founded in 2012 by a group of high-ranked players in World of Warcraft. With so many years of experience, we perfectly understand the needs of a busy gamer: have a quick, reliable, and high-quality service at the best possible price.
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