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Dungeon Guide: Ruby Life Pools in WoW Dragonflight

We are now going to cover one of the first instances you will come across as you level up. Thanks to our WoW Dragonflight Dungeon Guide, you will be better prepared to face the bosses of the Mythic Ruby Life Pools. Keep in mind, this is the toughest version of this instance. If you know how to defeat all bosses on Mythic, normal and Heroic will be a cake walk.

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Starting off with the Guide for Ruby Life Pools

Ruby Life Pools is the shortest dungeon in Dragonflight. It covers a small area with lots of trash and several minibusses. However, it has some of the hardest encounters you will face, because the bosses apply some nasty tactics.

At the start there’s loads of trash mobs. Careful when pulling or you may get overhwlemed.

The big “ad” is called Primal Juggernaut and he casts aoe on the ground which does a ton of damage. Avoid it.

Earth Shapers do Tectonic Slam – if you see it casted, stun or interupt it so it doesnt go through.

Another ability to interupt is Ice Shield – it can buff mobs so they’ll be harder to put down.

Try not to aggro the whelps that hatch from the eggs in the pools. They have a debuff that reduces movement speed. If you take enough stacks you cannot move.

First mini boss at the end of the entrance – fairly easy, does some decent damage and AOE + frontal cleave.

1st Boss: Melidrussa Chillworn

It realies on some heavy AOE which needs to be avoided or healed over.

Spikes are being cast on every player’s legs so try to keep them bunched together so they don’t cover a large area.

One player is randomly targeted for Chill Storm. This spell sucks everyone towards that player. To avoid getting dragged into the spikes, the player needs to run opposite of the spikes.

The boss will cast a wave of whelps twice that you need to burst down. Use any dmg trinkets or spell that you have to get them down quickly.

The last ability Melidrussa uses is Frost Overload. It is a shield that ticks for aoe damage for the whole group. Burn her down and move on deeper into the dungeon.

Onwards to the second boss!

To continue, you ride on a dragon – either left or right side of the new area.

A good tactic here is to go for left. This is because you get to fight the Thunderhead mini boss almost instanteniously. He can be annoying if you go from the right side, since he may land down on top of you, while clearing trash.

Two abilities to watch our for:

  • A large frontal cleave that hits pretty hard
  • Rolling Thunder (a debuf that deals massive damage when dispelled. The targeted player should use defensive cooldowns to survive, and the healer should top the group off before dispelling the second one).

After this, you need to kill all Blazebound Destroyers in the area, so the second boss can be summoned.

  • Blazebound Destroyers¬†cast a dot which explodes after it expires, which helps knock back the other trash.
  • Cinder Weavers need to be interupted as much as possible. They cast annoying bolts that do a lot of dmg.
  • Last but not least, Flame Dancers cast… well, flame dance. Interupt it as much as possible since it stacks fire damage on everyone.

On the other end of the area is the second mini boss. This one’s called Flame Goulet.

He has same frontal Cleave as the other dragon mini boss. Only difference is he does a repeating fire damage bellow 50% HP.

Once you are all done, you can then face the second boss.

2nd Boss: Kokia Blazehoof

First spell he casts is a Fire Elemental summon which has to get stunned imediately.

These are usually spawned on ranged players so make sure to move out of the way (there’s a casting animation to look out for).

Kokia also casts a meteor that does a huge area damage when it hits a wall. The meteor also covers a large area that you cannot move over. Make sure to move opposite of the meteor’s path along with the boss.

Once you get him down, move over to the last area.

It is defended by two mini bosses. Before those however, there’s trash that casts Lightning Storm. Make sure to use defensive cooldowns, big heals and stuff to keep you through this huge aoe damage spell.

The mini bosess are Thunder and Flame channelers. They cast channeled spells that do their respective magic abilities. However, they can be interupted and burst down.

Last Bosses: Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein

The first phase is a 2 boss fight. The second phase starts when one of the bosses is at 50% health. This is when Erkhart jumps on the dragon and they fight mounted.

You should focus on the dragon since he does a frontal attack that does huge damage. He also casts Infernocore – a debuff that ticks fire damage and when removed, it explodes and leaves a lava pool on the ground. If the dragon touches the pool, everyone in the group gets the same debuff, which may cause a wipe.

If you have Bloodlust (or similar ability) use it on P2 so you can dps him down.

Erkhart (the other boss) uses this annoying spell called Stormslam. It usually hits the tank and it does massive damage + it stacks. Must be dispelled or your tank’s gone bye bye.

His other ability is Interrupting Cloudburst – not a lot of aoe dmg but annoying spell interupt.

This is a major coordination check and a very healing-heavy fight. Arguably, one of the toughest you will face in Dragonflight’s oppening dungeons.


Thanks for reading through our Dungeon Guide: Ruby Life Pools overview for the Mythic version of this instance. If you plan to farm more dungeons, don’t miss how to beat The Azure Vault next with the help of our guide!

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