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Prepare for the start of Dragonflight with our Dungeon Guide: The Azure Vault

Within the Zure Span lies a new dungeon that brave adventures can venture in when the new WoW expansion is out. With our Dragonflight Dungeon Guide, you can get familiar with The Azure Vault dungeon. This is for the Mythic version so expect things to be much easier and quicker on normal/heroic.

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Instance start

At the very beginning, you will see several rooms with frozen mobs and patrolling welps. Those welps can be used to activate the mobs or you can just ignore them.

The frozen mobs are very tough on Mythic so you can avoid them – they don’t drop anything spectacular.

In this area there are two types of enemies:

  • Conjured Lasher (single cast that you have to interrupt – does a lot of dmg to a single target
  • Arcane Tender (does an annoying stun for 6 seconds)

Once you clear out most of the mobs, you head on over to the first boss. The area is infested with growths and weird plants.

1st Boss: LEYMORE

As with any boss, you must first clear the room of any additional mobs. duh)

Laymore is a crazed treatent which Malygos (the Aspect of the Blue Dragonflight) found when he was a seedling. He has grown quite a lot since then. Here’s a short summary of the fight + tactic:

  • Summons crystal sprouts that do knockback if hit
  • He uses a frontal attack that the tank can aim toward the sprouts to clear them
  • Clear as many of the sprouts as you can because Laymore uses Consuming Stomp, which can do massive damage and cause a wipe
  • Kill him quickly or you will wipe

Heading deeper into the Azure vault

You will soon notice special magic is applied to your character. Some are cosmetic (change how your character looks), while others can add haste or slow effect.

In this area, cyclone-like effects floats about so be careful where you walk. There are two types of enemies to watch out for:

  • Rune Seal Keeper (casts icy bindings which root your entire party so it has to be interrupted)
  • Crystal Fury (casts a frontal attack that stacks, so stay away from the tank. Also a sleep spell that can be dispelled by the healer)

You move to the second boss by touching books that will make you fly from one area to the other.

Again, clear the room from all mobs before engaging the 2nd boss.

2nd Boss: Azureblade

This is an enraged lieutenant that was left inside the Vault and who has lost his sanity during the long centuries of being entombed.

  • Abilities: Frontal attack and Kick (don’t stand behind him as a healer or DPS)
  • Becomes invulnerable and casts large orbs in all directions which you must avoid
  • Spawns 4 adds which you must kill to resume the fight
  • Pop cooldowns on the Orbs phase
  • Repeat until he’s down

Now, onto the next boss – a ton of trash that can be aggroed en mass and AOE’s down.

Before the last boss, 2 breakers are just basically a tank and spank situation.

3rd Boss: Telash Greywing

This is a very healing-heavy fight so make sure your healer knows he’s gonna go ham. To make it easier, try to move as a group and not take unnecessary damage from:

  • Frost Bomb (aoe spell) that puts ice below each player that does a lot of od damage – stay close so the healer can use AEO heal + the ice doesn’t cover much of the room
  • Icy Devastator – huge damage on a single target

At 100% energy, he will cast Absolute 0 which will kill the group. This is avoided by standing on highlighted runes. There are 4 of these runes and they recharge BUT the frost bomb cannot be on it since it won’t work.

Kill him quickly and move to the last boss.

FinalBoss: Umberskull

Umberskull has abilities that are a combination of all the previous bosses. He’s an unfortunate dragon who played a little too much with arcane magic. He was put in the vault to find a cure for his illness yet spent millennia absorbing it. Now, he’s a threat that must be dealt with.

This is a movement heavy fight, meaning you must coordinate well or you are all going to die:

  • Everyone receives a stacking slow debuff (if you stand still, the debuff is removed)
  • Boss summons crystals that can do heavy AOE damage (depending on how many are active)
  • Boss summons orbs that orbit him, which combined with the slow, can be very difficult to avoid
  • Healer should dispel the debuff put on the tank

Once you figure out how to move away from the orbs, just DPS him down and the Dungeon is at an end.


We really hope you liked our first Dungeon Guide for The Azure Vault. Check our blog for guides on the rest of the Dragonflight dungeons soon!

Want to know what comes next? Of course, you do – it is the big boys’ time at the Vault of the Incarnates raid! Check our guide here and get prepared, champions!

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