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What is a mythic+ dungeon?

Mythic plus dungeons are challenge versions of regular dungeons in World of Warcraft. In order to be able to do a Mythic plus dungeon, you need to have a Mythic plus key or you should get invited by someone else who has a key. Mythic plus keys are obtained by completing Mythic difficulty dungeons. Once you complete your first Mythic difficulty dungeon, you will loot a key from the last boss. You can hover your mouse over the keystone in your bag to learn about it.

What about scaling?

Mythic plus dungeons scale depending on the key level, bosses, and non-boss characters have more damage and HP as well. Apart from that, there are four affixes, three of which rotate every week.

To do your own keystone, you can create a group of five people and go to your keystone’s dungeon on Mythic difficulty. You will see a small keystone container in the starting area, you can put the keystone in it and the dialog box will show you more information about the difficulty and affixes. To complete the dungeon, you need to fill in the “Enemy Forces” bar and kill all the bosses.

What is this number next to my keystone?

Mythic plus dungeons start from +2 and go up or down every time depending on your performance. We will talk more about this later under the “Mythic plus rating” title.

Mythic plus dungeons have some restrictions when it comes to gameplay. First of all, you cannot change your teammates once the keystone is activated. So if someone leaves the key halfway, you will either have to complete the keystone as 4 people or leave and this is one of the main reasons why people buy WoW Mythic plus boosts instead of playing with LFG.

Gear restriction

Then there is the gear restriction, you cannot change your gear or talents after the keystone is activated, however; there is a  workaround for this. You can basically get out of the dungeon, change your gear/talents and go back inside. Another restriction is the usage of Combat Resurrection aka Battle Res. Just like the raid bosses, you have a limit for CR in Mythic plus dungeons. It starts from 1 and stacks up in time if you don’t use any of them. In Mythic plus dungeons, the limit stays for the whole dungeon whereas it resets at every boss in the raids.

How hard is Mythic+?

As we mentioned before, the difficulty of Mythic plus changes depending on your key level. Apart from the raw health/damage modifiers, there are also affixes that have a huge impact on Mythic plus dungeon difficulty. You can see the health/damage increase percentage here:

Enemy Health/Damage Modifiers
LevelModifier %
Mythic+12% Health

What are the Mythic plus affixes?

Mythic plus affixes are special effects that rotate every week. There are 4 affixes active every week. The first ones are Fortified/Tyrannical and they only rotate between each other; which means if this week dungeons have the Fortified affix and next week they will have the Tyrannical affix and so forth. There is a static seasonal affix, this one is active every week as long as the season continues. They activate on level 10 keystones and higher and Shadowlands season 3 affix is called Encrypted.

Fortified: Non-boss enemies have 20% more health and inflict up to 30% increased damage.

In Mythic plus dungeons, some non-boss mobs in dungeons have abilities that deal massive damage, and some have frontal abilities that destroy melee classes if you stand next to the tank. Fortified weeks are when you need to be most careful about such mobs. You need to be extra careful with your interrupts and CC’s on the non-boss pulls. In Fortified weeks, some teams prefer to use Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism effects on mass mob pulls instead of the boss fights.

Tyrannical: Bosses have 30% more health. Bosses and their minions inflict up to 15% increased damage.

Tyrannical weeks are when you should wear your single target damage build as the boss fights take super long. Believe us when we say long, you will most probably use your 1,5-minute cooldown twice on every boss on +15 keystones and higher.

Why is it hard?

During Tyrannical weeks, some dungeons become extra hard, either because of the environmental features (narrow corridors, small boss rooms) or hard-to-dodge boss mechanics. Executor Tarvold in Sanguine Depths is probably the most notorious when it comes to breaking LFG groups.

The Seasonal Affix

Encrypted: Enemies throughout the dungeon possess relics of the First Ones. Destroy the relics to summon the First Ones’ Automa and gain powerful bonuses, based on the order in which they were destroyed.

Encrypted is the seasonal Mythic plus dungeon affix for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Season 3. It adds three relics to random mobs and bosses and once you kill one of them, it becomes a mini-boss that grants you a special effect when slain.

  • If you kill the Vy Interceptor first, the whole party will gain  Decrypted Vy Cypher, increasing Haste by 15%, in addition to having an orb of energy that has a chance to proc damage on hit, for 45 seconds.
    • Killing Vy Interceptor is pretty good if you are still in fight and need to kill some more enemies or a boss.
  • If you kill Urh Dismantler first, the whole party will gain  Decrypted Urh Cypher, giving you a 200% cooldown reduction and restoring 10% of your maximum health and Mana every second for 10 seconds.
    • Killing Urh Dismantler is awesome for chain pulls, especially for the healer as it restores Mana and cooldowns.
  • If you kill Wo Drifter first, the whole party will gain  Decrypted Wo Cypher, increasing your movement speed by 150%, gaining 15% damage reduction, and also giving you Stealth out of combat (similar to a Rogue’s Stealth) for 60 seconds.
    • Killing Wo Drifter is kind of like the obelisk skips in Battle for Azeroth. You get invisibility and movement speed and you can skip a big portion of the dungeon if you are good on “Enemy Forces”.

Other Affixes

Level 4 Affixes

These affixes rotate weekly and they add different challenges to the Mythic plus dungeon.

Bolstering: When any non-boss enemy dies, its death cry empowers nearby allies, temporarily increasing their maximum health by 15% and damage by 20%.

Bolsters allies within 30 yards upon death, increasing their maximum health by 15% and damage done by 20% for 20 sec. Stacks.

Bolstering is one of the problematic affixes, especially when it’s the Fortified week. With the ‘Bolstering’ affix, you either want to kill all the enemies at the same time or do small pulls and avoid chain pulls.

Bursting: Upon death, the creature Bursts, inflicting 2 Shadow damage every 1 sec.
This effect stacks.

Bursting is another not-very-fun affix to deal with, particularly if you are an AOE damage dealer class and want to have fun with big pulls. Bursting affix stacks up to 99 times, it deals damage and the stack is refreshed every time a new enemy is killed. Currently, the best way to cope with the Bursting affix is to bring a Priest healer into the Mythic plus dungeon, as Mass Dispel can dispel all the stacks of Bursting. Another way could be using Spirit Link as a Shaman to heal everyone in the team after a big pull, but it’s not as practical as using Mass Dispel.

Inspiring: Some non-boss enemies have an inspiring presence that strengthens their allies.

Inspiring affix came out in Shadowlands. It applies to the non-boss enemies; basically one mob in some certain packs will have this affix. Any other mob that is within the radius of the Inspiring mob is protected against interrupts and crowd-control effects. However, you can CC the Inspiring mob itself; so most Mythic plus push groups use a crowd-control ability like Freezing Trap on the Inspiring mob and pull the rest of the pack.

Raging: Non-boss enemies enrage at 30% health remaining, dealing 50% increased damage until defeated.

Raging is also a bad combo with the Fortified affix. Luckily, the enrage effect can be removed by Hunters using Tranquilizing Shot, Druids using Soothe, and Rogues using Shiv in combination with the Numbing Poison.

Sanguine: When slain, non-boss enemies leave behind a lingering pool of ichor that heals their allies and damages players.
Sanguine Ichor

Heals creatures for 5% of their maximum health every 1 sec.

Sanguine requires the tank to kite mobs every time a mob is killed. You should be very careful when you are using abilities that immobilize, stun or fear enemies in some way in Sanguine weeks. Another thing to keep in mind is to interrupt a spell-casting enemy if it is standing in Sanguine Ichor as they will not walk out as long as they keep casting.

Spiteful: Fiends rise from the corpses of non-boss enemies and pursue random players.

Spiteful is an affix added in Shadowlands as well. It spawns a Spiteful Shade to run for non-tank players every time a non-boss enemy is killed. This affix is especially problematic for melee players as they need to run away from the shades, however, they can be stunned once they spawn and they lose health gradually. So you don’t have to kill them if you can basically just CC them and run away.

Level 7 Affixes

Explosive: While in combat, enemies periodically summon Explosive Orbs that will detonate if not destroyed.

Explosive Orbs deal damage to the whole party if they are not destroyed. It is very convenient to bring some melee damage dealers in Explosive weeks as they should be destroyed pretty fast to avoid damage. Casters with instant damage spells are good against Explosive Orbs as well. An important thing to note, though, is that they don’t take damage from AOE abilities; so they should be targeted and killed with auto-attacks or single-target spells.

Grievous: Injured players suffer increasing damage over time until healed.

Whenever a party member falls below 90% hit points, they get a Grievous Wound stack that keeps dealing damage until they are healed back above 90% HP. Healing a party member removes the Grievous Wound stacks.

Necrotic: All enemies’ melee attacks apply a stacking blight that inflicts damage over time and reduces healing received.
Necrotic Wound

Consumes the target with creeping decay, inflicting 0 Physical damage every 2 sec, and reducing healing and absorption received by 2%, for 5 sec. Stacks.

Necrotic is one of the hardest tank affixes. It reduces healing taken and it is extra hard if the tank has problems with keeping aggro on them as the other team members will get this debuff when they are hit by the mobs as well. When you get to 50 stacks, you take no healing at all; which means during Necrotic weeks you should be keeping track of your stacks at all times. Necrotic Wound stacks are removed when you go out of combat; there are also some abilities that remove the stacks such as Shadowmeld, Blessing of Protection, Stoneform and Kyrian-specific covenant potion Phial of Serenity.

Quaking: Periodically, all players emit a shockwave, inflicting damage and interrupting nearby allies.

Quaking appears every 20 seconds around players, it goes off after 2.5 seconds and it interrupts spell casting and locks the player for a duration of 4 seconds for that spell school. Another important thing to note is to stay away from other team members especially if you are playing a ranged class; as Quaking deals 40% of the players’ HP in damage if they are inside someone else’s circle when it goes off.

Storming: While in combat, enemies periodically summon damaging whirlwinds.

Storming tornadoes spawn depending on how many enemies you are fighting at a time and deal 12% of the players’ maximum HP as damage when they are touched. They despawn if they collide with a player. Just like Quaking and Volcanic, you can make this affix easier for your team by balancing melee and ranged characters in the team.

Volcanic: While in combat, enemies periodically cause gouts of flame to erupt beneath the feet of distant players.
Volcanic Plume

Inflicts Fire damage to players within 2 yds equal to 20% of their maximum health and knocks them high into the air.

Volcanic is an affix you can actually protect your team from; especially if you are a ranged healer or a damage dealer, you can play at maximum range and they will most likely spawn on you. Just like Storming, they spawn depending on how many enemies you are fighting at once.

What is next week’s mythic+ affix?

There are multiple ways to see the affixes of upcoming weeks. You can download the Angry Keystones addOn, which shows affixes for Mythic plus dungeons for the current week and the next two weeks. Alternatively, you can check websites such as

Can you trade mythic+ dungeon gear?

Mythic plus dungeons reward a number of items depending on your performance. Basic WoW trade rules apply to these items as well; which means, these items can be traded to anyone who would be able to loot them (in terms of gear type) within 2 hours of completion. There is a rule though; if you want to trade an item that has dropped for you, you should have the same item level or higher piece of gear in that specific slot.

Gear traders?

Thanks to these trade rules, players can purchase Mythic plus dungeon gear boosts, and the teams can stack their gear type of choice to provide the maximum possible number of gear pieces for them.

Can you upgrade mythic plus gear?

Mythic plus gear can be upgraded using Valor Points. You can collect Valor Points by doing covenant callings, which are daily quests you can take from your covenant base. These quests provide a small amount of Valor Points, 35 points for Rare callings and 50 points for Epic callings to be exact.

How many mythic plus dungeons can you do?

Another way of grinding Valor Points is by completing Mythic plus dungeons. Mythic plus dungeons have no limit, you can complete as much as you’d like every day. Once you have enough Valor Points to upgrade your Mythic plus gear, you can go to the Enclave in Oribos.

Where is the mythic plus chest in Shadowlands?

Mythic plus dungeon chest, also known as the Great Vault, is shown in the above image.

To be able to upgrade your Mythic plus dungeon gear higher, you should reach certain milestones of Mythic plus rating. If you are short on Valor Points or rating, you can check out Mythic plus dungeon services provided by BlazingBoost.

How to get good at mythic plus?

Getting good at Mythic plus dungeons requires you to play and learn the mechanics over and over. You also need to get good gear to be able to push higher keys. People who have friends actively playing the game are usually luckier than the ones who don’t; as Mythic plus can be very time-consuming and, to be honest, depressing when played with random people in LFG.

LFG? No thanks!

There is a huge list of annoyances that could happen when you try to finish a Mythic plus dungeon with random LFG people. Considering that a dungeon takes from 20 minutes to 50 minutes, failing let’s say 4 keys lose you around 3 hours per day. This is why we suggest you’d get a Mythic plus PvE coaching or some Mythic plus dungeon boosts so you can be familiar with the dungeons and mechanics without losing time.

How does Mythic plus dungeon rating work?

Mythic plus rating, formerly measured by score, is an in-game feature to show your Mythic plus dungeon prowess. You earn a certain amount of rating from each in-time dungeon completed if it’s the highest level for that specific dungeon and this rating doesn’t drop when you fail a dungeon. There are also achievements that reward in-game collectibles for completing high level Mythic plus dungeons.

If you’d like to read more about and Mythic plus dungeon rating, you can check out our article: What is explained in 15 questions

What are mythic plus dungeon achievements?

There are four Feats of Strength achievements for Mythic plus dungeons. All of them, except the Shadowlands Keystone Explorer reward an in-game collectible that will be unobtainable after that specific season.

What mythic plus should I be doing?

If you are new to Mythic plus dungeons, you should start with the keystone level that is appropriate for your gear. Or maybe you have done some Mythic plus dungeons, you can check which dungeons you haven’t timed yet and try doing them. If you want to get the Keystone Master achievement, you can either plan your keys yourself or add BlazingBoost Discord support and write to us so we can create you a special Keystone Master Bundle for your character 🙂

BlazingBoost Shadowlands Discord Support: BlazingBoost SL#2022

You can also check this loot table to decide on the keystone level:

Difficulty LevelEnd of Run Item LevelGreat Vault Item Level
Mythic +2236252
Mythic +3239252
Mythic +4242252
Mythic +5246255
Mythic +6249255
Mythic +7249259
Mythic +8252262
Mythic +9252262
Mythic +10255265
Mythic +11255268
Mythic +12259272
Mythic +13259272
Mythic +14262275
Mythic +15262278

Frequently Asked Questions About WoW Mythic Plus Dungeons

Does mythic plus count for the weekly quest?

Yes, Mythic plus dungeons count for the weekly Mythic dungeon quest. You can either complete Mythic 0 or Mythic plus dungeons.

Does mythic plus give renown?

As of 9.2.5, Mythic plus dungeons have a 100% chance to reward renown upon completion.

When did mythic plus come out?

Mythic plus dungeons came out in the 2016 World of Warcraft expansion Legion.

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